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3 FAQ’s about Tawny Barn, Laser Cut products

3 FAQs about getting started with Laser Cut Products

1. Why do you prefer to cut Plywood or Card, instead of MDF or Plastics?

One word: Environment. But let's dive deeper.

MDF, being wood dust combined with a significant amount of resin, releases Formaldehyde gases into the air for a prolonged period post-manufacturing. Many plastics also contribute to "Off Gassing" and release harmful gases when new.

On the other hand, Plywood and card, while they also release gases when new, do so at a much lower rate and for a shorter duration. Hence, they are healthier for us and kinder to the environment.

Moreover, the reduced resin content in Plywood and card means less smoke and dust production during cutting, making them more cost-effective. Some plastics even release unpleasant odors, and in extreme cases, poisonous gases or carcinogenic dust during cutting!

In contrast, we can confidently pick up any piece of plywood, knowing it has fewer added chemicals and is safer for everyone involved. But rest assured, we take safety seriously and use HEPA filters to clean the exhaust from our machines.

However, MDF quickly blocks these filters, increasing manufacturing costs and waste. Therefore, unless there's a compelling reason, we always advocate for plywood.

As a bonus, Plywood cuts with a clean, mid to dark brown edge, while MDF often results in much darker, often black edges due to the higher resin content. Curious about different materials and their environmental impact? Learn more here.

2. Do you offer Wholesale prices?

A resounding YES! But let's unfold the details.

Our trade / wholesale website,, is your one-stop solution for your laser cut product designs. Even if all you have is an idea, we're here to help bring it to life.

Trade prices are tailored to each client, and all it takes is filling a simple quote request form or giving us a call. Visit our retail eCommerce store,, to get a sense of our offerings, but remember, as a trade or wholesale customer, you could enjoy discounts up to 50% off the listed prices, depending on order quantities.

Our standard terms for wholesale customers are full payment 7 days post-delivery.

3. Do Tawny Barn supply your Laser Cut product in retail packaging?

Absolutely! While most of our products are sold loose, we understand the need for retail-ready packaging.

Our standard packaging includes cellophane bags with printed header cards, but we are more than happy to package products according to your preference, considering the materials and equipment required.

Plus, we can engrave most products with your branding, contact details, or logo and can supply any of our standard products with your unique branding or packaging. While there's a small charge for the extra work, the result is a custom product that truly represents your brand.

For more info or to start your journey with us, feel free to reach out!

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