FREE P&P if you spend over £40.00
FREE P&P if you spend over £40.00
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New customers, new reviews!

Tawny Barn is growing steadily at the moment, thanks to a lot of hard work, and of course positive feedback from our new customers.

Here's a Google review, from a new customer, who'd been looking for a new supplier.

“After spending years looking for a new supplier I finally found Tawny Barn!

They’re amazing and it’s completely stress free doing business with them! So efficient and great quality.

My customer feedback is incredible.

Turnaround time before receiving my orders is amazing!

Thanks for making my work load a lot lighter!”

– Natalie Barrowcliffe, ETSY seller, Enfield UK

Thank you Natalie, we really appreciate the review, and of course your new orders every week!

“Great 1st experience. I ordered some products to be made to my own spec, they were absolutely perfect!

Communication was excellent and the quality was fab. Thanks”

– Jennie Lancaster, Business owner, Winnington UK


Thank you Jennie, it's great to know our efforts are appreciated.

If you'd like to see a few more of our reviews, you can visit our Reviews page, there's also a link on there to post your own review on Google.

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