Finished art gallery, send me your pictures, so I can share your work.

Professional artist, hobby maker, also your kids work. I’m also interested to see them all. Children’s name will only be included if you ask me to do so, by default I don’t add children’s names to gallery entries.

I’m happy to add a link to your shop, or social media page, just let me know when you send your pictures.

Scrapbook decorated with Tawny Barn’s letters, by Jacqueline Farrell

Dancer by Mish Fouche, before and after so you see the difference.

Hedgehog you can tell this is by Carmel Page, because of the colours

Bee by Linda Irish, it’s also a great example of her work.

Unicorn another great example of how to use coloured resins, by June Gordon

Memory box using letters, heart and also butterfly from Tawny Barn, by Jacqueline Farrell

Dragon by Carmel Page, he’s got a permanent place on my market stall, because of the attention he gets.

Scrapbook by Jacqueline Farrell

Fairy by Mish Fouche

Owl by Carmel Page, another popular part of my market stall display.

Skull by Mish Fouche