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FREE P&P if you spend over £40.00
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If you sell (or use)   Laser Cut Products in your business, you're in the right place!

International supply chains are still broken! The Covid pandemic was the first issue, then a ship blocked the Suez canal... meaning businesses that use Laser cut products are struggling to buy MDF, Plywood and Acrylic products.
Then, just as we thought the situation was improving, the war started in Ukraine! We've all learnt that Wheat and Sunflower oil come from there, but did you know that Ukraine is also one of the worlds largest producers of plywood?
Baltic Birch Plywood, also known as Laser Plywood,

is very popular in this industry because it is so easy to work with and in normal times, is easy to get hold of.  The price is jumping up fast.  This all has a knock on effect.

And sadly this means small business owners are starting to struggle. 
Now for the good news.

Here at Tawny Barn we have always preferred to use Hardwood Plywood, because it is cheaper, the grain pattern is more attractive and it gives a smooth finish, which means we can keep supplying as normal, without doubling the cost! (Unless something else changes!)

At Tawny Barn we work fast, because we know you need your products asap.  You don’t have time to wait.   We aim to get trade orders out and delivered in 3 to 5 days - this includes your own custom designs.!

If you need laser cut products in a hurry, you can call Steve on 07801 442590, or email

  •  If you've got a product sample, we can make it.
  • If you've got a design drawing, we can convert it into a real world product.
  • Just a photo, we can even work from that, but it does take a little longer.
If you ask us to make your product, we'll always respect your IP, we reserve the design just for you. Of course it must be your copy-write, or public domain.

If you need laser cut products in a hurry, you can call Steve on 07801 442590, or email


Here's a few customer stories, how Tawny Barn helped them to run profitable businesses.

Star Designs

 Was buying from AliExpress
Supply chain broken
Unable to supply customers
Now buys from Tawny Barn, uk supplier, short supply chain, product usually arrives within 48 hours of order.
With a regular supply of blank products, the business is easier to run, is growing and makes more profit.


 Sean makes scale models, he was cutting lots of small components by hand, gluing them together.
Now I supply accurate laser cut components, he saves a lot of time cutting and assembling them, and has a better quality, more consistent products.
Less time spent making a model, so he can make more models, and more profit.

Mr Laser

 My Laser's landlord sold the building and kicked him out!
At very short notice, I took over all his making, Mr Laser still designs and sells lots of products, but I make them.
The business survived without a workspace. Because Tawny Barn stepped in at short notice and helped.



Katrina makes "Autism sensory boards". I laser cut her customers names from plywood. She paints them. Then adds them to the boards, to personalise the boards, adding value and so increasing her profit.

If you need laser cut products in a hurry, you can call Steve on 07801 442590, or email

If there's no rush, you could stay and have a look around.

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