About Us

About Us

I’ve loved woodcraft all my life, so on-one is surprised I’ve turned it into a business.

Hi, I’m Steve, I started The Tawny Barn Studio with a very clear mission – To supply low cost, high quality, woodcraft to retail and wholesale customers.

CNC routers and Laser cutters are both notoriously difficult machines to use and maintain. First of all, I have an unfair advantage over many other people. I’ve spent over 30 years as an engineer, building, installing and maintaining machines, so I can keep my machines in great condition. Consequently anything not working well, I fix it quickly. While others are phoning round to find an engineer, I’m already back in production.

I’m now making a wide range of MDF and plywood shapes, they can be painted or decorated as you want, or just displayed as they are. Some are used by professional artists and crafters, as the starting point for their own projects. I've added a finished products category, to the shop, where you can buy my products, sealed with Danish oil, ready to use and decorate your home, with beautiful wooden items, just as they are.


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About Tawny Barn, the building

Tawny Barn is a great place to live, I’m privileged to be a part of the Hadfield conservation area. Also it’s the only surviving building from the Old Hall Fold, (the yard behind the Old Village Hall).

After living here for over 20 years Tawny Barn just had to be the name for my business. I’m Steve, I live at Tawny Barn, so steve@tawnybarn.com is the best possible email address.

Today it’s also the base for my Business, I’ve an office there, all products are made in the 400 square foot studio, in the garden.

Please make an appointment first if you would like to visit.



Tawny Barn