About Us

Tawny Barn Studio supplies low cost, high quality, woodcraft to small business owners who need a reliable supplier and anyone who is looking for beautiful wood craft to decorate their home.

As an ex-engineer, reliability is my middle name. It means I work fast and efficiently so you can get your products quickly.

We specialize in Celtic designs, and will be adding Runes, Astrology signs and Planet symbols soon. We also love taking your custom designs and turning them into an exclusive product just for you.

We love using a variety of materials.
Plywood is our preference, we love the wood grain finish, it’s cost effective and environmentally friendly.

MDF has a nice smooth finish, though it isn’t good for the environment so it isn't our first choice.

We can also work with acrylic and even cardboard… Just ask us if you have an idea in mind.

We use CNC routers and Laser cutters. Importantly to us, we operate a clean air policy, which means we maintain our machines and filters to ensure we only release clean air into the environment. (Not everyone does this sadly)

All our designs can be painted or decorated, or displayed just as they are (which is our favourite way!)

I’ve loved woodcraft all my life, so on-one is surprised I’ve turned it into a business.



Tawny Barn Steve


A little history about the business name - Tawny Barn

Tawny Barn is a great place to live, I’m privileged to be a part of the Hadfield conservation area. Also it’s the only surviving building from the Old Hall Fold, (the yard behind the Old Village Hall).

After living here for over 20 years Tawny Barn just had to be the name for my business. I’m Steve, I live at Tawny Barn, so steve@tawnybarn.com is the best possible email address.

Today it’s also the base for my Business



Tawny Barn