FREE P&P if you spend over £40.00
FREE P&P if you spend over £40.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your review page, how do I leave feedback?

Most customers prefer to leave reviews on Google, just click this link to go directly to my review page -  Google Review Page

Do you supply your product in retail packaging?

We mostly sell products loose, but retail packing is possible,  Contact us to discuss your packaging needs.

Can you make custom products / commissions?

We charge £30.00 per hour for design work. For a complete new design, it's often a couple of hours.

To add a logo, or slight change to an existing product usually it's just ten or fifteen minutes.

We waive the design charge, if you're ordering a large quantity of the same design.

The 24 hour dispatch time is only for online purchases direct from the shop, custom products usually take around 3 days.

If a customer asks for a product that I think will be popular and doesn't want to pay the extra cost of a custom product, we may add their request as a standard product on the website. That's where many of my product ideas have come from.

Can you make Disney / Marvel characters?

Sorry these are copyright. As Tawny Barn is a business, We can’t make anything that’s copyright.

I bought an MDF shape from someone else, can you make one for me?

If the design is public domain, or you own the copyright yes of course. But if the original supplier owns the copyright, sorry we can't.


Can you  engrave a picture onto a wooden plaque?

Sorry we've configured our lasers for cutting, We engrave text, logo's etc, but my lasers are not configured for photo realistic engraving.

Let us know what you're looking for, if there's enough interest we can set up a dedicated engraving machine.


It's April, why are you selling Christmas products?

Our online shop is sorted by "Best selling" at the top of each page, Christmas products are there all year, because they are top selling products all year!

Can you make me a bigger version of your designs?

Yes we can scale designs up to 120 X 80cm or down to about 3cm. This is a customisation. but quite a simple one, so we don't charge design time to simply change the size. But standard products take priority, so it can be a couple of days before it's done.


Why is there a child safety warning on your products?

Our products are not toys, they are craft supplies, but some are “child appealing”. We asked our local Trading Standards department to assess our products. Some shapes are fragile and small pieces could break off, causing a choking hazard for young children. These shapes are labelled  “not suitable for children under 3 years old”. All products must be safe, the relevant safety standard is “Toy Safety EN71”, even though they are not toys.

Are MDF products suitable for children?

No, we sent plywood and MDF samples to be tested. The plywood passed “chemical transfer” conforming to EN71-3. The lab advised us not to waste money having the MDF tested. Because it was unlikely to pass. MDF products are safe for adults to use. But should be protected with a coat of child safe paint, before they are handled by children, of any age.


What materials do you make your products from?

We buy Hardwood Plywood in bulk from a local timber yard, it's good quality / water resistant, but we have no control over the colour, each batch is different. As some of our product is intended to be painted / decorated this makes no difference to most customers.

If a customer prefers a consistent (light) colour we have Birch Plywood in stock as well, but it's a little more expensive. We also supply 1mm thick card, and have a small stock of Acrylic and PETG. We have suppliers for most other materials that can be cut with CO2 Lasers, for details.Contact us 


Why do you prefer to sell plywood instead of MDF?

There are 3 reasons:

1 we know our plywood is safe for children to handle, because it’s tested to EN71-3.

2 Plywood is safer for us to manufacture, because MDF dust is dangerous. Laser cutting MDF also produces toxic smoke fumes.

3 It’s more environmental friendly, because significantly more chemicals are used to make MDF.

How much do you charge for delivery?

It's FREE P&P for all orders over £40.00, and £6.45 for smaller orders.

When will I receive my order?

We dispatch all orders by 1st class post, Order before 2PM, We usually post your order the same day. Order after 2PM, I'll post it tomorrow. This applies to standard products ordered from this website, custom orders or trade quantities will take a few days longer.

If you order a finished product that needs sealing, varnishing, or assembling it will take two or three days longer.


Collection from Tawny Barn also welcome. Please Contact us first.