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FREE P&P if you spend over £40.00
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Why Tawny Barn is The UK’s most reliable, British-made laser cut product supplier

Today I'm a Manufacturer, some might say a Maker, In my heart I'm still an Engineer.

We are "Reliable suppliers" of Laser cut products and services.

The business is Engineer led, when something goes wrong the service engineer is already here. I run the company! So no time wasted phoning round trying to get an engineer.

The machines are all maintained in good condition and thoroughly cleaned every day.

We have a "redundant machine". That's a spare machine, set up, ready to use, but it's not included in the production plan. If there's a problem, we don't have to stop production, we switch it to the spare machine. I think this is a cheap insurance policy, that keeps production running.

Our products are all "British Made".

That keeps supply chains short, so you can get you products quickly.

We always offer "High Quality Workmanship".

Our equipment is cleaned and kept in great condition. Along with careful inspection of all products, so your orders will be made to the highest quality standards.

By reducing downtime we maintain a" Quick Turnaround".

Small retail orders are usually shipped the same day. Larger wholesale orders will take a little longer, but are always shipped quickly.

"Your ideas, turned into products".

That's self explanatory, doesn't need any more explanation.

We respect your IP.

This is self explanatory as well, no one would ask us to make their product if they didn't trust us with their Intellectual Property.

We took these six "Key Messages" and turned them into our Value Proposition.

"The UK's most reliable, British-made Laser Cut products supplier. High-quality workmanship, with a quick turnaround, guaranteed".

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